It's Easier to Build Strong Children Than Repair Broken Men.


Welcome to I am excited to connect with you during these critical times. Leaders across the nation are moving toward creating a just legal system that does not disproportionately incarcerate disadvantaged individuals, but rather restores those who are harmed and those who have caused harm. If we are truly to meet our goal to decrease mass incarceration in half by 2030 we cannot continue to ignore those who have been convicted of violent crimes. Moreover, we cannot continue to ignore the impact that incarceration has on children who have incarcerated parents. Women in this era of time have higher incarceration rates than any women in American history. As a result families and communities are suffering tremendously. I invite you to join me in collaborating to address these tough challenges and I am looking forward to critiques and comments about the new release: Through the WIRE. It is my hope that this book will help shed light on the mentality of youth who often commit unthinkable crimes and how changing community norms is essential. It has been said that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. I am willing to work alongside others who share this vision. Please contact me for booking. ~~photo credit to: Larry Bercow at Bercow Studio in NYC


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